Use of placenta as a health supplement has a long history in many countries.  The commonly known effects of dermatological efficacy of the placenta are anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.


In our body, what causes aging is the loss of a number of chemical compounds that are known collectively as Growth Factors (GF).   The following diagram depicts the production and decline of GF in each stage of our life:


The purpose of using placenta-enriched products, such as “Moisturizer Active Hydrating with Placenta 100+” and “Moisturizer Active Hydrating with Bio-placenta 300” is to compensate for the loss of GF in our body,


The following is an extract from the Journal of Cell Science on the effect of growth factor on wound epithelialization (i.e. a process in wound closure); EGF and IGF-1 are components of GF:


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