This question has been asked by our customers a number of times and we summarise our research on the topic in this article for our fans.


We queried “is washing face with water enough” on Google (October 2020) .  There were 9 directly relevant results on page 1 (total of 10 results and 1 ad were shown).  A check on page 2 reveals no further directly relevant results.  Hence our analysis is based on the 9 results aforementioned.


The following is our synopsis of the nine articles:


    1. The writer  has dry skin and she found that washing with water is good for her.
    1. The writer has stopped washing her face (other than splashing water on it).  She said she has heard that a growing number of women are not washing their faces but she acknowledged that no dermatologist would agree directly.  She pointed out that “cleanser can aggravate your skin”. 
    1. The writer was using only water to wash her face for many years, but now in her 30’s she has a cleansing routine.
    1. This writer said she now uses only water to wash her face and feels better.
    1. This writer tried to not wash her face in the morning (but still wash at night) for a week and thought the routine suited her.
    1. This article seems to be a product advertisement and covered the reasons why washing with water is inadequate.
    1. This appears to be another product site, but it acknowledges that there are different camps of people, some prefer washing their face with only water and some prefer a full cleansing routine.  The advice: Listen to your skin.
    1. This investigative journalist did not wash her face for 7 days.  Her conclusion is that  washing is necessary, but missing a wash or two would not affect the skin.
    1. In response to a question on Quora, one respondent with sensitive skin said she washes only with water because there was no product that suits her (three upvotes).  Another respondent said she does it only occasionally during the day, but has a cleansing routine for day and night (two upvotes).


Philia Means Love concludes from this study that:

    1. There is no evidence that using only water to wash face is a trend or has many followers.
    2. Some young people or people with particular skin types (like dry or sensitive skin) may find washing their face with water is preferred or even adequate.


Philia Means Love

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