To many men, skincare means washing the face twice a day with face soap.  And if the wife or girlfriend nags, then some sun protection when out to the beach.


Without polling a thousand people, the following is a list of comments we have come across when talking to men about their skincare:


    1. I never did and do not see the need for it.
    2. I am happy with the way my skin is.
    3. Nobody has said that my skin is not good.
    4. My skin is oily so I should not put moisturiser (because it would add oil to my skin)
    5. I wash my face with water and it works well for me.
    6. Skincare products would make my skin sticker (,which I do not like).


What are some of the ways to convince a man to do skincare?  Try some of these:


    1. Skincare helps you retain your youthful look (men want to stay young too).
    2. Oily skin is caused by dryness.  Moisturiser will reduce your oily problem.  (Note: somehow this appears to be the least convincing reason for many guys.  They just don’t believe it.)
    3. Use this moisturiser that is non-sticky.
    4. You are getting old men spots (men hate this, I guarantee it.)
    5. Washing only with water does not hydrate your face and does not clean deep enough.  Explain the science to him: water molecules are larger than skin pores and so cannot be absorbed and cannot wash away deeper dirts and oil.


If you are a guy reading this, the following are things that your mum told your sister but never tells you (neither did your dad, but that is likely because he also didn’t know):


    1. Skincare is equally important to men and women.
    2. Moisturiser should be used at all times.
    3. Sunscreen should be used at all times, including when indoors.
    4. Deep cleansing is necessary once a day.


I have come across a couple whose husband did not believe that moisturiser could solve oily skin.  She went ahead and bought him a bottle and forced him to use it.  The last we met her, she “complained” that her husband just bought 5 bottles of moisturiser in one go.  


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