Chok chok skin is the Korean standard for well hydrated skin. It refers to skin that looks youthfully and naturally glassy and soft, with a glow from within.


We at Philia Means Love wanted to find out the secrets of chok chok skin beyond the advertisements and products that promise chok chok skin (but somehow short on delivering).  Hence we researched the articles and books on the subject and also spoke to people with the chok chok look.  We summarise our take on the secret of chok chok skin as follows:


  • Genetic.  Apparently, genes play a major role.  Some people are just born with great skin that does not even need much caring.  Chok chok is just natural to them. So unfair but it’s true.


  • Environment.  Not surprisingly, growing up and living in an environment where there is no harsh weather and less sunshine helps.  It is a well known fact that the sun and other natural elements (like strong wind) do great damage to the skin.


  • Physical care.  Many people with great skin take great great care to not bring harm to their skin and avoid sunshine.  They stay indoors, not go near windows, wear long sleeves and pants, and carry an UV shaded umbrella wherever they go.


  • Holistic skincare, which means healthy lifestyle, diet, products and processes.  


As to how important each of the above factors play, for example, how important is genetic compared to the environment, we could not find any proper research papers or statistics on the internet.  However, generally most articles on the subject say genes play a big part, like 70%.  If any of our fans has come across such research or statistics, please share with us and we would be great to share it with everyone else.


Nevertheless, setting aside genetic, environment and physical care probably rate equally as seconds and skincare comes after.  

Philia Means Love


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