Here are the steps to ensure that you apply Philia Moisturizer Active Hydrating with Placenta 300 correctly and to get the most benefits out of it.  

But before you start this routine, you should have washed and cleansed your face and your hands.  Leave your face and hands about 90% dry.  Too wet will dilute the moisturizer.


Step 1:  Pump the correct amount of cream onto the distal phalanx (i.e. the tip section)  of your middle finger.  

Generally, one to two pumps from the bottle is sufficient.  Each pump gives a large drop of cream about the size of a large grain of cooked rice.  You can experiment with the amount of cream you need to moisturize your face.  Too much cream (as in anything else) could have the adverse effect of burdening your skin.  If you find that your skin is too dry (e.g. it becomes very oily – the skin excretes oil when it is too dry), moisture more often is better than loading extra cream onto your face.

Dispense the cream onto the distal phalanx of your fingers, not onto your palm.  The temperature of the palm is higher than that of the fingers.  We do not want to warm up the cream before applying it.


Step 2:  Gently spread the cream onto the three fingers of both hands and then gently pat the cream onto your face with the fingers.

Use the middle fingers  (i.e. ring, middle and index fingers) of both hands to spread the cream using two to three circular motions.  The cream should now be spread over the middle and distal phalanxes of both hands.

Immediately pat the cream onto your face.  You can start with the driest part of your face, or start from the forehead, down to your cheeks, inwards to the bridge of your nose, and then the chin area.  Any remaining goes to your neck.


Step 3:   Smooth the cream over your face using inside out and top-down motions.

Be gentle when you do this. Smooth your fingers over your skin. Start from the forehead down to your chin and neck.  This should take about 5 seconds and you can still feel that the cream is slightly moist.  At the chin area, the motion should be from down to up, not up to down.

If you have to wear a mask for an extended period of time during the day, smooth more cream over the mask lines.


Step 4:   Rest your palms on your face and let the heat of your palms help the skin to absorb all the goodnesses of the essential oils and placenta protein.

Hold your palms in each position for about 10-15 seconds.  You can feel that the cream is being absorbed and your skin feels soft and supple.


Step 5:   Don’t waste the cream. Pat any residual cream onto your neck or shoulder, or rub it onto the back of your hands.  There is no need to wash it away.


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